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Saturday, 15 January 2011

A few of my favourites

There aren't a huge number of petite women in the media, so when I do spot them I'm always ridiculously excited to see how they manage the evening wear dilemma at premieres etc. Even though I will never have to go to a premiere, I may at some point have to dress up, and it's nice to have a little inspiration. So, here I present three of my favourite petite celebrities who always seem to dress for their body type perfectly.


Natalie Portman is one of my ultimate idols. She always looks effortlessly elegant, stylish and, most of all, not noticeably petite. She finds what suits her and sticks to it, and she always seems to pull it off.


Missy Higgins, an Austrailian singer/songwriter, is one of those women who always sticks to her own style. Often favouring ethnic prints and loose style dresses, she is sure to pull them in at the waist so as not to get lost inside them. Always a winner in my book.

 Britt Robertson, star of Life Unexpected, favours clean, simple lines that cling in all the right places. Opting for classic pieces means that she never looks like her clothes are wearing her.

I love the way all these celebrities can teach me something. That by showing off more leg, your legs look longer, that sticking to clean lines avoids you looking swamped and, most of all, that being petite shouldn't, and doesn't, impede great style.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Hello, World.

The first blog entry feels a bit like a band-aid, like I should get it over with quickly before I change my mind. I've never written a fashion blog before, although I do write a personal, writing related blog way to irregularly to be considered a blog. I'm starting this because I love fashion, and I want to write about it. I'm also starting it because I can't be the only petite woman frustrated by what the fashion industry has to offer for me. There are tricks to working your short stature, and I think I'm mastering them. And what is the point of learning to do something well and not passing it on? I hope that tall women may also like this blog, but I can't write for them, can't offer them advice on finding clothes because it's something I have no experience with. So, fellow shorties, I hope you enjoy this blog, I hope it's useful, and I hope it lets people know that we deserve good, flattering fashion.